Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Aviation Mishaps

The invention of an aircraft is really a milestone in human travel. Without aircrafts, it would be difficult and even impossible to travel thousands of miles to another country and learn about other cultures.

However, with invention and technological advances, dangers are also increased. According to the National Transportation Safety Board or NTSB, there are close to 2,000 aviation accidents in the United States each year. These include both military and civilian plane crashes.

If you or any of your family members have been victims of an aviation accident, the best thing to do is to secure the services of lawyers who are experts in aviation laws like the lawyers of Mesriani Law Group in California.

Different rules and guidelines apply between military aircrafts, commercial aircrafts and private planes. In military plane accidents, the crashes are within the jurisdiction of the Military Safety Mishap Board not the ordinary civil courts. As you can see, it is very complicated to pursue aviation mishaps claims and that is why you need expert lawyers to champion your cause.

As a general rule however, under federal law, common carriers like commercial planes have a duty to exercise a high standard of care in making sure that the passengers are safe. In an accident of this magnitude, you must know that not only a pilot’s error can make the airline liable. The airline is bound by the acts of all its employees under the legal theory of respondent superior. Therefore, if you are injured by any accident while in the plane, even though the plane does not crash.

Actually, even if the plane is not yet in flight, any injury caused to you while inside the airline premises and not attributable to any negligence on your part will entitle you to damages against the airlines company.

To know more about your rights, in case of any aviation related mishaps, call expert aviation accident attorneys now to help you better understand and protect your rights.