Thursday, May 8, 2008

The fabric of Premise liability

Condensed statement of Premise Liability
In general, the term premise liability refers to the legal responsibility of property owners or possessors for injuries and accidents that occurred in their premises because of their negligence. It is a part of the broad area of personal injury that governs slip and fall accidents and determines who is at fault for their happening. Actually, they can be filed for variety of reasons, and slip and falls is a common type of this kind.
States and different jurisdictions have their own varied sets of premise liability laws.
Related factual events
On this score, I come to learn in a relevant news that happened somewhere in New York City, where a Brooklyn Judge sues the City for $1M over Courthouse Slip and falls. The event happened when a certain Supreme Court Justice Jack Battaglia slipped on a wet, soapy floor in the courthouse and fell. It was claimed that he sustained a fractured knee due to the fall.
Further, the news relates that the woman who cleaned the floor created a hazardous condition when she negligently used the mop, mop bucket, and wringer in her janitorial duties.
This event is a classic example of premise liability.
Personal views
Premise liability can become an inevitable one when one does not took much care of their concerns. A simple mistake in maintaining one’s premises can cause so many blunders and crippling injuries to people who may be a visitor, a guest, or an innocent passerby of your property.
It is incumbent for property owner or legal possessor to take all precautions to make the area safe for everyone. Otherwise, wanton disregard of this bounden duty would entail responsibility and legal liability.
For the victims of premise liability, proving a case of this kind can be tedious and sometimes taxing. That is where the representation of premise liability lawyers is needed.
Bottom of Form
Only a qualified personal injury lawyer who specializes in premises liability can truly help you with this concern.
To end with, the fabric of premise liability are broad enough to comprehend that needs the facilitation of a lawyer. In different light, it must be taught to people that they should take care of their respective premises in order to avoid liability from injuries that can potentially occur in their respective premises.