Thursday, March 13, 2008

Determining Personal Injury Liabilities during Fire Disasters

In Los Angeles and any part of California, fires are quite threatening not only on your properties but as well as your own family’s life. And sadly, this frightening incidents happen unexpectedly and due to various reasons, which you definitely can think may lead to your destruction.
After the blaze has been extinguished, it is now the time to determine liability in the tragedy, especially if the fire resulted to injuries and even fatalities. Consult your Los Angeles personal injury attorneys for proper assistance and advice.
In common, these parties may be held responsible for a fire disaster:
  • Product manufacturers – for an instance, if the fire was caused by the sudden explosion of a gas tank used in the kitchen and the reports said that this product fails to meet the standards of quality; its manufacturer may be subjected to lots of legal injunctions and liabilities.
  • Premise owners – in some cases where a person sustained an injury or died in a fire, which happened in another’s property, the premise owner may also be charged if proven negligent guilty of some violations or negligence.
In various circumstances, building owners choose not to place safety equipment and high standard materials on their properties just to lessen their expenses. With this, violations such as the failure to have accessible fire exits, working fire extinguishers and emergency lighting devices may also cause them serious penalties.
  • Other parties involved – if the fire was done deliberately by a person or a group of individuals, the resulting victims may file not just file their personal injury claims but as well push through criminal cases in court.
Personal injury liabilities in fire cases may vary depending on several circumstances involved. To be certain about the legal; action that you may pursue against whom, you will definitely need the help coming from personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles who have the expertise in handling these types of cases.