Thursday, June 14, 2007

DUI Car Vehicle Accident Lawyers

Drinking and driving definitely does not mix. Millions of people lose their lives each year to drunk drivers. Others might think that this is no big deal until they become a victim or victimized another person while driving under the influence.

Over 20% of all traffic fatalities alone in the United States are due to driving under the influence of liquors. Drunk drivers remain a serious problem in our country. Countless lives have been destroyed and forever changed because of the evils and disasters brought about by drunk driving.

The fact that young teen stars make fun of drunk driving and are habitually engaged in drunk driving cases only serves to worsen the problem. Young people look up to Hollywood stars as their heroes and role models. But with these drunk stars, who makes alcohol rehabs as hip joints to be placed in, serve to belittle our country’s efforts in curving accidents and criminalities caused by drunkards.

It is plain and simple, alcohol affects a person’s coordination. If you have had alcohol in your system please do not drink and drive. If you do not care for your life, other people care about theirs.

If you have been victimized by a drunk driver, your best contribution is to pursue your case to the finish to penalize those who don’t care about wasting other people’s lives. Get an expert vehicular accident attorney to help you protect your claims.