Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thanksgiving, One of the Deadliest Days on the Road

Holidays lead the list of the most dangerous time of the year for driving due to hundreds of Americans die each year as a result of alcohol-related vehicle accidents during this season.

In fact, based on a 2008 data gathered by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Thanksgiving Day ranks as the fifth deadliest day of the year to hit the road.

Thanksgiving Day is one of the major holidays of the year in the nation, in addition to Christmas and New Year. The annual celebration has been a national tradition as early as 1863.   

Now, as Thanksgiving Day is fast approaching, millions of Americans are already preparing to make their way across the country for the special feast.

Last year, on an earlier speculation, the American Automobile Association (AAA) had claimed that 90 percent of Americans will travel by vehicle on Thanksgiving Day.

“Obviously, that was indeed true in Los Angeles as evidenced by the heavy traffic jam across the county last year,” said by a car accident attorney. Also, he speculated that the same or could also be higher amount of people might likely hit the road on Thanksgiving Day this year.

Meanwhile, several truck accident injury lawyers believe that as the people rush to grab turkeys and dressings, many will be driving late at night, when they are more susceptible to fatigue or drowsiness. Also, many will get behind the wheel after having too much alcohol.

Typically, when the traffic volume goes up, the number of vehicle accidents increase as well. During such holiday, an overwhelming amount of people are usually on the road. As a result, car crashes usually get worse during those times. Thus, it is highly recommended to be extra cautious when driving or as much as possible. Try to spend the rest of the night indoors especially when you’ve had enough alcohol in your system.