Thursday, November 14, 2013

Fool-proof Tips that Will Save You from Dog Bites

When a dog bites, there is a significant chance that it might cause serious injuries that may eventually lead to long recovery. As a result, dog bite victims are at risk of suffering from physical, financial and emotional losses.

Definitely, no one wants dog bites. Thus, out of concern for his fellow citizen in Los Angeles, a personal injury lawyer shares herein some important guides on how to prevent dog bites taken from a professional dog trainer.

According to Victoria Stilwell, a dog trainer by profession, by understanding a dog’s body language, people can prevent dog bites.

“Most dogs that bite are only doing so because they are scared and want to warn you to back away. That is what aggression achieves – distance,” said Stilwell.

Stilwell suggests that if you are meeting a dog for the first time, keep in mind that the most important to do is give the canine a space and do not go beyond that space.

When the dog becomes familiar or comfortable with your presence, it will eventually come to you. Once it approaches you, turn your body to the side so that you will look less threatening.

Thereafter, put your hand in fist so that the canine can sniff it.

Additionally, when you meet a dog for the first time, don’t stare straight into its eyes because doings so may mean that you are challenging them. Also, don’t smile at them as they may interpret it as if you are furiously grinning at them.

Pet the canine on the back of its neck or on its back and not on the top of its head.

A dog’s yawning and lip licking may be a sign that it is not comfortable with your presence and that it wants you to stay away.

If the scenario gets worse, try not to run from a dog or scream. If you get knocked over and have no choice, roll into a ball, lie still and cover your head for your own protection.

Knowing the above-said facts is the best way to prevent injuries resulting from dog bites. Therefore, take note of these signs.