Thursday, April 11, 2013

Lone Ranger Movie Producer to Pay Monetary Relief for Workplace Safety Violations

A few months ago after the Occupational and Health Safety Administration (OSHA) launched an investigation on the death of the Lone Ranger’s crew member while on movie shooting set, the agency has finally determined who will be held liable for the incident.

Recent reports confirmed that the OSHA has ordered the said Disney film’s producer, Silver Bullet, to pay $61,445.00 as monetary relief after the agency found out that it violated the workplace safety standards in filming the movie.

Previous reports have claimed that a 48-year-old diver was cleaning the water tank that was being used in movie filming when he died from heart attack. After the incident, OSHA conducted an investigation to determine whether or not negligence played a part in the said incident.

Consequently, OSHA found out that although the diver was wearing proper scuba diving equipment and that he died from natural cause, his diving buddy was absent for ten minutes and when he returned, he noticed that there were no bubbles coming out to the surface of the water. In its citation, the agency ruled that the death was primarily caused by the diver working alone and not been given prior medical examination to determine his capability to dive during that time.

Not having a designated person-in-charge at the diving location, failing to ensure that all divers are properly trained in CPR and other life-saving measures, not requiring regular medical examinations and violating basic operational procedures are all deemed serious violations by the OSHA.

In addition, OSHA asserted that Silver Bullet also committed six general violations as follows:

•    Not providing documentation of safety and health training for all employees
•    Not keeping records of each dive in the tank
•    Not keeping records of all equipment maintenance
•    Not maintaining required Illness Prevention Program for hazard training
•    Not providing manual for diver safety
•    Not maintaining the compressor for air supply

Incidentally, the said fatal incident is not the only unfortunate incident that occurred during the movie filming. Last month, the movie’s star actor, Johnny Depp, also revealed his near death experience while riding a horse during the filming of the movie.

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