Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sta. Monica City Attorney to Offer Lindsay Lohan New Guilty Plea Deal

Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan may be given another guilty plea deal after Sta. Monica City Attorney is considering offer her with one to resolve her June 2010 car crash.

Fortunately for Lohan, media sources learned that the new plea bargain agreement being offered by the city prosecutors does not involve jail time.

That is absolutely an irresistible offer which only comes once in a blue moon claimed by a car accident attorney in Los Angeles. This is her best chance to avoid jail time. However, for Lohan, we are still not sure if she would buy that deal considering her being unpredictable at times.

According to a news story gathered by media sources, law enforcement has said that Lohan was probably drunk when she crashed her Porsche with the 18-wheeler truck along the Pacific Coast Highway near Los Angeles last June. In fact, authorities further said that the troubled actress’ breath smelled alcohol. However, for some reason, the cops failed to perform a field sobriety test at the scene of the crash.

Also, in previous reports, it was revealed that Lohan even lied to the police when she claimed that she was not the one driving her car when the accident happened. However, witnesses affirmed that she was seen stepping down from the driver’s seat after the crash.

Therefore, the prosecutors are now giving the actress another chance. According to the reports, Lohan could only be facing 60 days in a residential rehab facility in her lying to cops case if she would enter her guilty plea. It could be remembered that Lohan was initially offered with six months in a rehab which she simply turned down.

Moreover, the prosecutor also wants Lohan to attend another set of AA meetings since the last time she attended the meeting she walked out immediately without finishing the session. In addition, Lohan may be required to do community service – in New York. Prosecutors has allowed her to do the community service in the city where she resides, probably because the attorneys have already heard the news that she and her mother are being bothered  by the Los Angeles hotels. Nevertheless, she was said to be closely monitored during her probation unlike Chris Brown.