Thursday, March 7, 2013

California Bill to Ban Hands-free Texting While Driving Introduced

Texting drivers in California beware. A new bill that seeks to ban hands-free texting while driving was formally introduced in the State of California. According to recent news reports, the proposed law named Assembly Bill 313 was introduced by newcomer Assemblyman Jim Frasier (D-Oakley).

The current law regarding the use of hand held devices only prohibits drivers from texting. However, the provision does not include devices that are operated through voice commands.

Now, the newly introduced bill would remove the existing exception for all the voice controlled electronic gadgets.

The bill noted that there is no difference in the car accident risk of hand-held devices or the voice-operated one. In addition, no study has ever determined that texting while driving is safe according to reports.

Moreover, the bill also ruled out that distracted driving is a dangerous epidemic that killed and injured thousands of people. In fact, based on 2011 statistics, there are 3,300 people killed and 400,000 injured from vehicle accidents across the nation.

Meanwhile, in a study conducted by the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, it appeared that talking didn’t cause problem but it was not the same with hand-held texting as it could likely cause a car crash.

So far, while the bill is waiting for its first scheduled hearing this spring, critics argue that the proposed bill would only open the door to more restrictions. One opponent of the bill has claimed that to ban hands-free texting and hands-free talking would definitely disappoint many California drivers.

On the other hand, a Los Angeles accident attorney is hoping for the best result of this bill. He also wishes that the new bill would not set further tighter limits as the critics speculate.