Thursday, September 20, 2012

California Man Charged with Hit-and-run Busted during Giants-Dodgers Match

A Northern California man charged with hit-and-run resulting from a New Year’s eve’s pedestrian accident was busted during the San Francisco Giants and Los Angeles Dodgers baseball game.

According to reports, a beating incident during the game has led to the arrest of Christopher Torii Smith, 26, of Grass Valley, California.

The beating incident took place at the AT&T’s premise last September 9. Apparently, Smith approached a 21-year-old baseball fan at the comfort room and hit him several times. Shortly thereafter, Smith walked away from the scene but was arrested at the AT&T Park.

As a result of his beating, Smith was booked on suspicion of battery, vandalism, and public intoxication. Moreover, upon follow-up investigation, authorities discovered that he has a pending case of hit-and-run.

At present, Smith is waiting for his scheduled trial on two counts of felony resulting from the New Year’s eve’s hit-and-run incident.

According to deputy district attorney with Washoe, Michael Bolenbaker, Smith was arraigned last August 29 in Reno wherein he pleaded guilty to his charges. His trial is scheduled on May 20, 2013, Bolenbaker added.

Going back to Smith’s hit-and-run accident, previous reports claimed that Smith was driving a black 2006 Chevrolet pickup bound south along Highway 28, just east of Village Boulevard intersection last December 30, 2011. It was when his vehicle struck Linda S. Mathis and Robert C. Mathis, both 46, who were then crossing the street from the east side.

Both victims died from the incident due to their injuries sustained. Investigation on the incident revealed that Smith failed to yield to the pedestrians’ right of way.

Also, further reports claimed that Smith was driving under the influence of marijuana. In fact, based on his toxicology test during that time, the marijuana in his blood appeared to be greater than or equal to 5 nanograms per milliliter.

Unfortunately, right at this moment, it seems impossible to determine whether Smith was really under the influence of marijuana or if the marijuana was just in his system during the incident.

Apparently, that is likely to become Smith’s firm defense to somehow relieve himself from a heavier sentence, according to a Pedestrian accident lawyer.