Friday, August 31, 2012

Miley Cyrus Allegedly Crashed Rented Car into Pole

Miley Cyrus’ state of being well-known has earned the attention of the crowd to the point that whatever she wears, eats, and does and even her hairstyle were being watched by everybody. Also, the said singer-songwriter and actress loves tweeting even the smallest details of her life. 

However, what she missed or probably intentionally missed to tweet are the details about her alleged involvement in a car accident.

According to a news report, the Disney darling apparently slammed her rented SUV into a pole in a parking garage in Philadelphia. A photo of Cyrus’ suspected damaged rented car was even posted in an online news website.

Cyrus’ was reportedly eyed in Philadelphia visiting her fiancé, Liam Hemsworth, who was then filming a movie in the east coast.

Furthermore, Cyrus was also seen getting another rental car in Philadelphia. Therefore, speculations about her alleged car accident sparked even more upon seeing her in her new rented car. Rumors have it that Cyrus crashed her first rented car, which is why she needed to rent a new one.

Nevertheless, although issues regarding her car accident are quickly spreading over the Internet, Cyrus still remains discreet and even her spokesperson was not giving any confirmation regarding the incident until present.

Generally, when a celebrity gets into an accident, whether serious or minor, it immediately spreads all over. Yet, this accident has been kept under the radar, something that a Los Angeles accident attorney clearly understands why.

With the success of Walt Disney Records’ Hannah Montana in 2006, Cyrus likewise started gaining success and fame. In 2007, she signed a deal with Hollywood Records to continue a solo career. Since then, Cyrus has been a renowned actress, singer, and songwriter.