Friday, August 3, 2012

Sleeping Pill Blamed for Kerry Kennedy’s Car Accident

Final investigation revealed that a sleeping pill with a generic name of Ambien might be the major cause for the car accident wherein Kerry Kennedy got involved.

Kennedy was recently involved in a car accident and was arrested after her Lexus struck a tractor trailer in New York.

During the initial investigation, Kennedy claimed that she had a seizure and she lost her consciousness while behind the wheels. She told police that she probably accidentally taken an Ambien sleeping pill instead of her daily thyroid pill. 

Kennedy further claimed in her initial statement that she only gained her consciousness as she was being pulled over by a police officer.

Kennedy actually underwent fingerprinting before she was released by the police. Also, she underwent both blood and urine tests which revealed that there were Ambien traces present in her system during the time of the accident.

In a recent court hearing in a North Castle, New York court, Kennedy pleaded guilty to charges of driving while impaired. Kennedy is scheduled to appear in court on August 14, according to the North Castle Justice clerk of court.

Although the accident might indeed be purely excusable on her part, it is really something to look at when Kennedy pleaded guilty for the incident. She even asked for an apology from the driver of the tractor trailer as well as from the other drivers on the road during the incident.

It is quite impressive how a highly publicized person would step down to court and admitted her fault and issue a public apology for someone she just met from an accident. No doubt she came from a family of politician. Just like her ancestry, obviously she has a soft spot for people, said by a Los Angeles car accident attorney.

Kennedy is the daughter of Sen. Robert F. Kennedy and niece of the former U.S. president, John F. Kennedy. She is also the estranged wife of New York governor Andrew Kuomo.