Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wrongful Death Claims Against a Mining Company in West Virginia Finally Settled

Way back in January 2, 2006, the Sago Mine in Upshur County, West Virginia experienced an unforgettable disaster when the mining site exploded and collapsed, leaving 13 miners dead and only one survivor.

It was the worst mining explosion in the United States since the 2001 mining company disaster in Alabama and the 1968 mining explosion in West Virginia. The explosion received worldwide news coverage then.

According to investigations, miners were killed after a powerful explosion of a methane gas that ripped through the underground mine. Of the 13 miner trapped in the explosion, only one had survived.

The families of the miners killed in the said mining explosion filed a wrongful death claim in 2006 and finally, their lawsuits have been already settled now. However, terms of the settlements were undisclosed according to reports.

The coal mine was formerly operated by Wolf Run Mining Company and owned by International Coal Group. The mine was sold to St. Louis – based Arch Coal early this year.

Well, at least surviving families of the decedents have got their late family member’s due compensation and claims. In some cases, it took longer than expected and worst is that they haven’t receive any of their claims.

Hopefully, with the new owner of the coal mine, such accidents will be avoided. Said site explosion can be classified as a premises liability. In such event, people who sustained injuries from the accident may file a personal injury claim and worst, premises owner may also possibly face such wrongful death lawsuit.