Monday, November 28, 2011

NY Assembly Speaker Hospitalized After a Bike Accident

Assembly State Speaker, Sheldon Silver has been hospitalized after his bike accident which occurred in San Juan last November 10.

In an interview, the speaker stated that he was in Puerto Rico to meet with other lawmakers at the annual political conference – Somos El Futuro, meaning we are the future, when the accident happened. On his excitement upon arriving at the event venue, he rented a bike and went riding alone along the rough path by sea side which is several miles away. As he was about to get back, he passed through an open hole on the ground which caused him to be thrown on the ground. 

He was found seriously injured and bleeding by a Puerto Rican couple walking nearby. The couple brought him to Ashford Presbyterian Community Hospital in Candado, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Speaker Silver sustained a dozen of stitches above his right eye and a couple on his knee.  Bruises and scabs are all over his face. His hands are also scraped.

Sheldon Silver is an American lawyer from New York. A democrat, he was officially appointed as New York State Assembly Speaker since 1994. He plays golf and bikes occasionally with his family.

Several days after the accident, knowing that he was feeling well enough, he flew back to Washington with the New York congressional delegation but days after, the cut on his knees became infected and he was hospitalized again in Stamford Hospital in Connecticut where he will undergo a surgery to be performed by his nephew Dr. Marc D. Silver, a surgeon in the field of orthopedic and sports medicine.

According to the speaker’s representative, Mr. Silver is working in his hospital room and is expecting to be back in the office soon.

Apparently, due to the said bike accident, Speaker Silver might probably lose his biking career. Though the speaker is not complaining of pain, the personal injuries he had sustained are obviously serious.