Tuesday, July 26, 2011

California Plastic Company Catches Fire

“Safety first” – this is the recurring motto of any construction or industrial workplace to avoid untoward incidents that may cause construction liability. However, a plastic company in Fairfield, California failed to place safety as its priority agenda to avert a fire accident to happen.

Fortunately, no one got injured from the construction accident, reports said. The fire broke out in a storage area at Macro Plastics Inc., near Travis Air Force Base. According to news reports, the fire was controlled in the storage area.

The fire generated massive black smoke up to hundreds of feet into the air which made the neighboring locals worry. According to Fairfield Fire Department, the residents living near the compound were asked to stay indoors to avoid exposure to the smoke.

Workers are always at risk for injuries while working in industrial places that is why it is imperative for employers to implement high safety standards. If the fire was not contained, it could have been a disaster for the workers.

Common injuries from construction accidents like fire may result to head injuries, suffocation, fractured bones, and even death. Employers should always prioritize safety to prevent any mishap that may cause harm to their employees.

Workers who are injured in the workplace due to negligence on the part of their employers have the right to claim for compensation. According to tort law, employers who are found out to be guilty of negligence must finance the loss of the victims.

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