Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Teenage Cyclist Suffers Injuries after Norwalk Crash

Another teenager in Los Angeles has experienced the curse of Los Angeles streets when he crashed his bike onto a vehicle in Alondra Boulevard on Friday.

Nowadays, it is no longer fun to roam around LA's pavement on a cozy afternoon. Even a simple exit at a parking lot can spell disaster for an unsuspecting teenage boy.

According to Los Angeles police, the teen cyclist was riding out of the Norwalk Indoor Swamp Meet parking lot when his bike was hit by an oncoming vehicle. The juvenile suffered moderate injuries and was rushed to a local hospital.

Reports said that the teenager had undergone surgery on Friday and was expecting to survive. It is unclear whether the facility has safety marks to warn oncoming vehicles.

Even though the Los Angeles city officials have provided bike lanes for citizens, not all streets are protected with such safety measure. Most of LA areas are left with convoluted roads with students competing with the morning or afternoon rush. Worse, parking lots add to the trouble when teen cyclists are left on their own to navigate out of the facility.

When such problematic vehicle and a hurried cyclist meet on the highway, an accident is expected.

In a vehicle-bicycle crash, it could be that either of the drivers are speeding or have failed to notice the oncoming road object. Bicycles appear less visible on streets because of its size and are more prone to collision. Also, its limited safety gear cannot protect the rider from sustaining injuries.

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