Thursday, June 9, 2011

Downtown LA Car Crash Seriously Injures Toddler

A toddler has sustained severe injuries after her mother made an unsafe lane change at downtown Los Angeles on Wednesday at 10:30 a.m.

According to reports, the mother was traveling westbound on Route 66 near Loraine Avenue when she shifted to the other lane. Suddenly, a car from behind crashed onto her vehicle. The mother suffered a broken rib while her two-year-old child sustained serious injuries.

Paramedics arrived and rushed the toddler to Children's Hospital in Los Angeles. On the other hand, the mother was transported to UCLA Medical Center.

Making a sudden lane change puts the driver and her passenger in danger, especially when the road is wet or has curve design. Slippery and curved highways expose vehicles to swerving and rolling over. Worse, if the car has ineffective baby seat, the toddler may sustain head and spine injuries.

Children often sustain severe injuries even in a minor rear-end collision. This is because toddler's muscular and skeletal system is not yet fully developed to withstand blunt force. Immediate medical attention is necessary to prevent the long-term effect of trauma.

The mother should have not risked making the lane change, knowing that her baby is in the back seat. It is still worth to abide with traffic rules and be patient to fellow LA motorists. Perhaps, busy mothers can forget what is best for their toddlers when driving at downtown LA.

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