Friday, May 7, 2010

Infiniti G35 Recalled by Nissan to Correct Air Bag Problem

Air bags are very important because they can save a person’s life in the event of an accident.

This is what pushed Nissan Motor Co. to recall around 135,000 Infiniti G35 coupes and sedans with air bag problems.

The recall will be conducted so that the automaker can correct the problem immediately. Failure to do so can stop the air bag from deploying when a crash happens.

According to reports, vehicles that will be included in the recall are 2005-2006 models of G35 Sedans and 2005-2007 models of G35 Coupes.

Reports said the air bag’s signal can be interrupted if the wire harness was overused, thus increasing the chances that the vehicle occupant will be hurt upon impact.

Fortunately, the problem has not yet resulted in injuries.

Owners of the affected models are advised to have their vehicle repaired if they noticed that the air bag’s warning light is on.