Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Homeless Man Dies after Second Accident in Two Months

Pedestrians, especially those who have been involved in earlier accidents, should be more careful in crossing streets and make sure that motorists would notice them so that they can slow down in time.

At the same time, drivers should always renew their expired licenses and carry it around, especially when driving, which will show the driver is fit or qualified to drive, which has to be presented whenever they get involved in accidents.

A 63-year-old homeless man in Santa Barbara was recently killed after a collision in the area where he was hit by a pick-up truck two months ago. The man was reportedly wearing dark-colored clothes and was carrying a backpack and sleeping bag when he was hit by the car. Authorities said a passing physician stopped to assist the pedestrian who later died.

The 23-year-old Javier Castillo was driving the vehicle that hit the homeless man. He was not charged even if he had no driver’s license to present to authorities who are conducting a criminal investigation in the accident.

Pedestrian accident could have been prevented only if cautiousness had been exerted by both the driver and the pedestrian. Both of them should have been more wary of passing vehicles and pedestrians so that proper action could have been done.