Friday, May 21, 2010

Dog Shot After Mauling Girl

Dog owners must make sure that their pets are well-kept and would not threaten other people around them. This is also a way to protect their animal as they can be hurt, or even killed, by people who fears for their life.

A mother recently shot a boxer after it mauled her 6-year-old daughter and tried to attack her 1-year-old son. Reports indicate that the woman sent her four children inside the house and was scaring the dog away when she was attacked.

The woman was able to get free and run inside the house to retrieve a pistol and shoot the dog on its throat. The girl was rescued and treated for the bite injuries she suffered on her face and legs.

Witnesses say the dog stayed down after being shot but was later able to get up and get away from the property. Authorities were able to corner it near the house.

The dog was reportedly from the area but it is still unclear who owns it.