Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dropped Ice Cream Leads to Fatal Rollover Accident in Interstate 40

A 25-year-old driver lost her mother in a rollover accident all because of a dropped ice cream.

The accident occurred at about 5pm the other day in Interstate 40 near Newberry Springs.

According to the CHP, the woman lost control of her Toyota Prius shortly after dropping her ice cream cone.

The car accident claimed the life of her 53-year-old mother who removed her seatbelt to help her clean up the mess.

CHP said that because of the spilled ice cream the driver took her attention off the roadway and allowed the vehicle to drift.

The driver then overcorrected and the Prius overturned on the median.

The driver sustained major injuries including a possible broken arm.

Although DUI and reckless driving are the ones that are always on the news, driver distractions are actually the leading cause of car accidents in the US.

And that is exactly what happened in this incident.

From the reports, the driver was eating ice cream while driving at about 70mph on Interstate 40; that is just not safe driving.

Our focus should be on the road whenever we are driving especially on high-speed roads like freeways.

Hopefully, this sends a strong message against motorists who multi task while driving.