Thursday, March 11, 2010

2 Injured and 10 Cars Damaged in San Francisco Tow Truck Accident

A tow truck accident in San Francisco has injured two people, damaged ten parked cars and disrupted the Muni Railway’s N-Judah line.

According to reports, the tow truck was either returning or removing a car when the car slipped and the driver lost control of the tow truck.

The tow truck proceeded to roll about half a block down Third Avenue hitting ten parked cars along the way.

The driver of the car that slipped off the tow truck and another person who was inside one of the parked cars sustained minor injuries.

The cars that were struck sustained major damages and Muni’s N-Judah line was out of service up to 12:43 pm.

The injured parties can file a personal injury claim for the medical expenses they have spent for their injuries while the car owners can file a property damage claim against the tow truck company.

When filing a property damage claim, get at least two estimates for the repair of the car. It will help speed up the processing of your claim.

Hopefully the insurance company of the tow truck company will take care of all the needed expenses as I don’t see much reason for any claim to be denied.

However it is still advisable to hire the services of a personal injury and property damage attorney for assistance and to avoid being at the short end of any negotiation.