Monday, February 15, 2010

Man Sustains Severe Brain Hemorrhage after Hit and Run Accident

A man sustained severe brain hemorrhage after a hit-and-run car accident in a parking lot of a restaurant in Chula Vista.

The CHP are also looking into a fight that happened in Agave Grill prior to the incident to know if there was a connection.

According to CHP, a group of patrons exited the restaurant and went to the parking lot after an altercation inside.

Moments later, the victim was struck by a red Camaro that did not stop after the collision.

The victim was even able to come home thinking that he was not badly hurt but later felt ill and had to be brought to a hospital.

It turned out that his injuries are more serious than he thought.

The police are now trying to know if the Camaro driver was involved in the fight inside the restaurant.

Aside from civil liabilities, the driver can also be charged with criminal charges.
The victim will likely file a personal injury case against him for his present and future medical expenses.

And the state in turn is likely to file battery and assault with a vehicle charges against him.