Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Driver Makes Wrong Turn, Metro Bus Gets Stuck

Buses are dangerous during road accidents because of its bulk and weight that can do massive damages to other vehicles nearby. Aside from motorists, commuters are susceptible to injuries that can be incurred from these accidents.

In a recent no-injury incident, the wrong turn of a bus driver has caused delays and hassles to commuters and motorists who were in the area of Brentwood Glen Monday morning.

The passengers of the two-passenger-compartment bus had to transfer to another bus after the driver went into the Sunset Boulevard after getting off the San Diego (405) Freeway.

The driver reportedly attempted to make a U-turn but ended being stuck in bushes. Luckily, no one was reportedly injured and there was no damaged property in the incident.

Bus drivers need to calculate their every move to prevent accidents that would cause delay to commuters and motorists who might be heading to important events or meetings. Also, bus operators must make sure that they hire only qualified and experienced drivers so that passengers will be complacent in using their services. This would also prevent liability in accidents involving these bus drivers.