Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Car accident: A Life Altering Situation

Traffic was stopped in Beach Boulevard and was only reopened in the afternoon after a vehicle accident happened at noon involving a vehicle was driven by an 80 year old which hit a light pole. The elderly victim was in critical condition and was immediately brought to UCI Medical Center.

Vehicle accidents generally result in injuries and can sometimes lead to death. Aside from bruises, scratches, sprains, and fractures, it can also cause amputation and serious injuries such as head or spinal cord injuries. Recovery from these injuries takes a long time and expenses for the doctors’ fees and medicines are often high.

Victims can claim for damages from the negligent party. They deserve to have all the expenses from the vehicle accident. They did not want this to happen to them and because of someone’s carelessness; they were involved in an accident.

It can ruin their life because the injuries can prevent them from working again. Hiring a lawyer to deal with a personal injury case is advisable. The lawyer must have handled and won cases like this. He will need documents such as medical findings and police report to support the evidences. He will also need key witnesses who will participate during the court trial. Pictures of the accident will also help the lawsuit.