Friday, December 18, 2009

2 High School Students Struck by Amtrak Train

Two students were struck by an Amtrak train as they were on their way to Springfield High School in Holland this morning.

According to reports, the two teenagers tried to beat the train at a crossing next to the school.

One of the students, 15-yer-old Cody Brown, was killed while 16-year-old Briana Mullinger was critically injured after the train accident.

The family of the students should consult with a car accident attorney to have their case evaluated prior to the filing of a wrongful death and a personal injury claim against the railroad company.

Since trains are considered common carriers, they are expected to exercise higher level of care compared to other vehicles.

This applies not only to the engineer but to the railroad company as well.

It may be true that the students may have been negligent in trying to outrun a train, however, since the railroad crossing is near a high school, these situations can be and should be expected.

Additional safety features could have been placed to make sure that reckless minors will not be placed in danger.

In that context, the families of the victim may have a chance to hold the railroad company civilly liable for their loss.