Friday, June 5, 2009

Police chase ends up in a crash

Police chases happen either after a traffic violation or criminal act. If a motorist speeds off after being stopped, chances are a chase follows and ends up in a violent car crash.

In a chase between a car driven by a 47 year old woman and police patrol car at Interstate 805, the conclusion was predictable – violent and chaotic.

The chase ended at the Harbison Avenue north of Division Street in Alta Vista after the woman’s car collided with the patrol car. The cops used a police immobilization technique to disable the SUV. The incident left an officer injured.

The authorities failed to report if the woman was driving under the influence or not. However, she was taken at the nearest hospital for mental health evaluation.

Driving entails a lot of skills. The fact that you know how to drive does not warrant you to take on the wheel. Drivers must be physically and mentally fit to take responsibility and liability.

A responsible driver observes traffic rules and regulations. In case of violation, a responsible driver should stop when told to do so and accept the consequences thereof.

Conversely, an irresponsible driver runs away from fault and even harms others in the process. In case of negligent driving, all victims – by standers, innocent passengers, police officers – have recourse against the party at fault for monetary reimbursement of injuries.

A personal injury lawyer can assist the victims in pursuing their claims against the defendant.