Tuesday, June 16, 2009

One Died, Two Injured in a Rollover Accident

Oftentimes, driver’s neglectful behaviors cost them life changing consequences.

Driving under the influence, speeding and not wearing seatbelts are common mistakes that motorists commit which could lead to death or injury.

In a rollover accident that happened on Antelope Road, just north of Scott Road, Harry Martinez died and two others were seriously injured. Martinez was ejected from the vehicle for his failure to wear seatbelt.

Sgt. Cheryl Evans of the Perris sheriff's station stated that the car was traveling south on Antelope Road at a high rate of speed when the driver lost control. The survivors of the crash were taken to the nearest hospital for treatment. Reports said that drugs and alcohol attended the crash.

Driving under the influence has been a prominent and fatal trend for motorists.

Everyday, the road is besieged by horrific scenes of car accidents or collisions due to DUI drivers.

Despite reminders on safety driving, drivers still neglectfully operate their vehicles. They are also oblivious to the penalties that may be imposed once negligence is established.

Sadly, other innocent people are harmed due to their careless acts. In case of death or injuries, victims or their loved ones may engage the services of a car accident attorney to lead them through the intricacies of the laws.

Though life and limbs may not be taken back, parties at fault are punished and expenses are recovered. These maybe little consolations but could greatly help surpass the ordeal.