Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Surprising Places for Road Accidents

What could have been a picturesque and serene rural setting can sometimes be tarnished by road accidents to ruin its reputation – the exact thing to describe Fallbrook’s winding roads.

A road stretching over hills and sharp bends which can make drivers to lose control of their vehicles causing the following, to wit:

• Sustain damage to property

• Personal injury

• Wrongful death

In 2007 alone, the Fallbrook road to have recorded the highest number of collision is State Route 76. In that year, 117 collisions occurred in the highway, consisting of 23% of all Fallbrook collisions.

The place was reported to be particularly dangerous for drivers and pedestrians during mid morning and afternoons when more cars and people are on the streets.

Accidents were attributed to streets with sharp corners and turns that lead to fender benders.

A spokesman from the California Highway Patrol encouraged drivers to inch forward out of the intersection into a place to watch the traffic and pedestrians and expect that the other drivers don’t see their cars.

Another factor is the high volume of commuter traffic in the area, which, in turn, is attributed to the high rise of population. Some locals say another problem is road rage.

Other roads to have recorded high collision cases in 2007 were Alturas Road, Gird Road, Old Highway 395, Old Stage Road, Live Oak Park Road, Potter Street, Stage Coach Lane, Winterhaven and Green Canyon Road.