Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Riding in danger

Motorcycle accidents tend to increase nowadays.

A couple of years back, around 3,000 deaths were reported to have been caused by motorcycle accidents alone in the United States.

More frequently, this accident tends to be a little more serious than other vehicular accidents. Because of the vehicle’s make-up, i. e. open and with only two wheels to support it, the driver will most probably suffer more injuries than his counterpart on a car, truck, or buses.

Studies show that things that caused motorcycle accidents are:

• poor maintenance of the vehicle

• bad roads and

• weather conditions

Also, motorcycle accident may occur due to the conduct of the other driver in cars, for instance, as they tend to undermine motorcycles or altogether neglect them in roads.

Accident of this sort happens because drivers in sedans and other four-wheeled cars tend to undermine motorcycles. They forget or totally ignore the proper road provision.

Other factors may include defective conditions of roads, poorly lit, dangerous curves, intersections, mechanical problems, etc.

If you have been figured in a motorcycle accident, speak with a personal injury lawyer immediately for assistance.