Friday, May 30, 2008

Los Angeles Attorney on fighting misconceptions in Auto Accidents lawsuits

Just recently, last Monday Los Angeles Memorial worst accidents happened in Los Angeles which ends with 7 deaths and 27 people injured in auto accidents, including a fiery six-car pileup along Crenshaw Boulevard.

The first auto crash occurs in South Los Angeles at about 6 p.m. at Crenshaw and Florence Avenue, leaving several cars ablaze and strewing wreckage about streets. Instantly, three people, including two children, ages 7 and 12 died at the scene. Sixteen others were severely injured.

The second unlikely accident happened earlier that same day shortly before 8 a.m., a sport-utility vehicle (SUV) drove off a narrow canyon road in the Hollywood Hills, rolled down a steep hill and crashed against a carport. The said accident resulted in the death of two people and injuries of three others people.

Third auto accident that day injured eight people, including a child, in a four-vehicle crash about 4:20 p.m. on the southbound Hollywood Freeway south of Highland Avenue. Two of the vehicles overturned and lanes were briefly blocked.

What can you say about the incidents? Was it something new? Is it something to care or worry about?

The incident is something that we should take concern of. Despite our busy lives as people living in Los Angeles, we should take this matter of paramount importance especially when we can be a potent victim of this dismal event.

Time and again we hear stories like this one from people in our state, or from anywhere else where they related their gloomy experience and their aspiration to get properly compensated for their injuries. We hear them crying for help and witnessed how their respective lives turn after the resentful experience.

To make the story even worst, many of the victims of auto accident have not fully recovered physically, morally and financially after their accident encounter. Several of these victims were not compensated for their injuries, or even if they were compensated, it is not even enough or has gotten less of it.

One fact of all of these, was because, many victims have not utilized their right in court battle. Victims are afraid to wage lawsuit for an unknown fear. One reason, as I see it, was that there are growing bad perceptions about personal injury suits including lawyer representations and fees.

As I constantly counseled many of my clients, I usually relayed to them that there is no reason to be afraid of in pursuing their personal injury claims and cases. I continue by saying, that lawsuits are designed to give people remedial rights in all their predicaments. It is not constituted without any purpose.

As for the travails in lawsuits, all of these is but part of the whole considerations that a lawyer, not them should take concern about. Technical aspects of the case are fully the expertise of a lawyer.

As for the fee, which is more likely the deterring factor for their refusal to act, I oblige them not to think about it as of the moment. That they should focus more on their physical recovery rather than minding on the fees, which I say, is not at all too important. Attorney’s fees can be arranged permissibly, with no harm caused to the clients. Fees should not be an overriding factor that prevents a victim from ventilating their right to claim compensation or damages in the courts of law.

Through this LawBlog, I have shared my long-standing fight against misconceptions in personal injury lawsuits (including auto accidents).