Thursday, July 12, 2007

Seatbelts Save Lives

Road accidents happens everyday. A lot of people get seriously injured and badly hurt due to accidents such as:
1. Car accidents;
2. Bus accidents;
3. Motorcycle accidents;
4. SUV accidents;
5. Truck accidents; and
6. Other vehicular accidents

In all the above road accidents, all sorts of injuries can be sustained like:
1. Bumps and bruises;
2. Scrapes and wounds;
3. Back injuries;
4. Head injuries;
5. Neck injuries;
6. Fractures; and
7. Limb amputations.

Try hard as we might, we cannot escape some accidents, especially, if the accidents are caused by the negligence of other people. However, we can do something about the effects of these car accidents.

Most road related injuries could have been avoided or minimized by the use of seatbelts. In California, it is illegal to drive without seatbelts on. This, actually, is for the benefit of the drivers and passengers of vehicles.

Wearing seatbelts prevent your body from being thrown front and back or side ways in case of car accidents. It also prevents the driver or passengers from being thrown from the car in case of violent collisions.

Kids are particularly vulnerable in car accidents and proper safety restraints help them avoid getting seriously injured during an accident.

If you love life, your family and even your money, strap your seatbelts before heading off on the road. You will definitely be saved from a lot of hurt in case of an accident and maybe save some of your hard earned cash to by avoiding getting a ticket from an officer of the law for failing to drive with seatbelts on.