Monday, December 15, 2014

All about Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Los Angeles and Safety Driving Tips

Decision of spending much-awaited spare times in the County of Los Angeles will definitely satisfy and even surprise tourists’ leisure expectations whether it’s a holiday, an official leave, or simply a weekend solo or group get-away. Knowing that this county, also referred to as the “City of Angels”, holds numerous exceptionally breathtaking tourist attractions; wandering around its terrestrial property guarantees experiencing beyond vacation excellence.

Los Angeles has been truly blessed with plenty of mesmerizing beauty of nature. As a matter of fact, wide-ranging collection of competitive tourist attractions is constantly available, especially for the county’s valuable visitors. Furthermore, there are numerous attraction categories to choose from. These cover shopping centers and malls, amusement and eco parks, museums, and more. Undeniably, Los Angeles can provide every tourist’s vacation cravings; from getting active on the beach or strolling around majestic sceneries up to raiding shopping paradises.

Meanwhile, among Los Angeles’ complete listing of great tourist attractions, five (5) of them displays remarkable characteristics which definitely makes these attractions standout. The said places are internationally patronized and well-known as: the Universal Studios Hollywood containing world-famous movie studio and theme park and also features secured rides and attractions, beach city of the county – Malibu which promotes wineries and vineyards’ stroll to be explored by taking tour offers, Santa Monica/Venice Beach suggesting scenic ocean sightseeing as well as memorable dining experiences on the Pier and abundant shopping thrills, the Hollywood Walk of Fame that displays famous names acknowledged in Hollywood, engraved and polished by metal pieces inside coral stars attached to black textile squares,  and also, Rodeo Drive which has been characterized as a three-block shopping district located on Beverly Hills and known to be “the epicenter of luxury fashion.”

On the other hand, tourists, especially those who are tasked to take control of the wheels, considering the fact that they, most likely, are not yet fully familiarized with county’s road structures and conditions; therefore, should at least be aware of the common conflicts mostly encountered on Los Angeles’ road surfaces.

Thus, all drivers heading off to Los Angeles must be prepared for intense traffic situations, crisscrossing freeway ramps, aggressive driving behaviors, existence of motorcycles between lanes, left-turn arrows, narrow streets, correct route to follow, and more dangerous road hassles. Above anything else, securing good car condition must be done by all tourists before taking long trips, particularly in Los Angeles. In addition, some laws focusing on traffic issues are implemented within the state to protect all local and foreign motorists, at all times.