Thursday, March 13, 2014

Kim Kardashian Bangs in Beverly Hills in Minor Car Crash

Kim Kardashian's Mercedes G Wagon. 
Image gives credit to X17online.

Literally, one of Hollywood’s best loved showbiz glams, Kim Kardashian bangs hard in Beverly Hills.

According to recent news reports, Kim was driving her Mercedes G Wagon around Sunset Boulevard when she collided with another vehicle in the opposite direction.

Witnesses have claimed that Kim was turning left at an intersection when the vehicle on the opposite direction, flashing his right signal light, did not make a turn and continued driving straight. As a result, Kim collided with the vehicle, reports said.

Fortunately, it was only a minor accident, leaving only minor scrapes to both vehicles. Also, nobody was reportedly injured from the incident.

Moreover, since it was apparently not a huge deal for both parties, no one was ticketed but as of this writing, it was still unknown whether police were called to the scene.

Damage incurred by the other vehicle. 
Image gives credit to X17online.
Here’s the next part of the story, since it is a “no big deal” for both drivers, they simply drove to Beverly Hills Hotel and exchanged information.

Based on a brief interview with the other driver who was videotaped by X17 Online, Kim was apologetic during their conversation and that she told him not to worry because she will cover all the expenses to be incurred by the repair and replacement of damage in his car.

One good thing about the Kardashian glams is that despite their fame, they still know how to keep their feet aground.  Case in point is when Kylie Jenner crashed her new car in Calabasas few days after obtaining her driver’s license, witnesses described Kylie like a pro in handling such situation. They saw how the young girl sincerely asked for an apology from the other driver. She even asked if everybody were okay following the incident according to previous news reports.

Such character of being always responsible for their acts and deed is definitely something that makes these brunette beauties to stand out among the others under the Hollywood spotlight. Keep it up Kardashians!