Thursday, December 5, 2013

Paul Walker’s Death Blamed to Porsche’s Product Malfunction

Image gives credit to Daniel Deme / WENN.
As the world mourns following the death of the Fast and Furious’ movie star Paul Walker, several videos of the actual incident seconds after the crash emerged across the Internet.

Based on the videos emerged, there seems to be no other cars either in front or behind the 2005 Porsche Carrera GT, which carried Walker and his friend race car driver Roger Rodas.

Apparently, the videos support the claim of Walker’s family and friends that he and Rodas, who was driving the Porsche, were not in a middle of a street race during the incident.

Previous reports claimed that authorities are considering speed as a factor to the incident after the investigators reportedly received tips that the said sports car was in a middle of a high-speed street racing when the accident happened.

Thus, Walker’s and Rodas’ families and friends affirmed that Rodas is a world-class driver so the idea that the latter lost control of the car due to over-speeding is absurd.

In a separate investigation conducted by ‘Always Evolving’, the auto shop co-owned by Walker and Rodas, the team blamed the vehicle’s mechanical malfunction for the incident.

According to the Always Evolving team, they found a fluid and subsequent fluid trail before the skid marks at the accident scene. Also, they noticed that there was a remarkable absence of skid marks until right before the point of collision. In addition, the team contested that if Rodas really lost control of the car, the skid marks should have been swerving and not in a straight line as appeared at the scene.

Furthermore, the team’s suspicion was reinforced by the fire that immediately spread in the front of the vehicle. Usually, fire begins at the rear of a vehicle during a crash since it is where the engine is located. Thus, some sort of fluid leak could have likely triggered the flame, the team explained. 

Always Evolving is also the auto shop that owns and stored the said Porsche. Thus, the team is quite aware that the said sports car was never modified. In fact, it is rarely driven, they claimed. Therefore, they totally believe that any mechanical failure is a factory defect.

Also, in separate news, media sources have revealed that Walker wasn’t the first one to experience fatal mechanical issues inside a Porsche Carrera GT.  According to reports, way back 2005, Porsche has been sued for gross negligence.

According to the lawsuit, two men were killed inside a California race track after the 2005 Carrera GT that they were riding hit the wall at over 100 MPH as it tried to avoid another car on the race track. The lawsuit alleged that GT didn’t handle correctly on the track.

Several Porsche experts likewise confirmed that there is a major design flaw with the GT since it lacks a Porsche Stability Management System (PSMS).

So far, under the federal law, all cars are now required to have PSMS installed so that if ever the vehicle’s rear end loses control, its computer system could correct it.

Incidentally, way back in 2005, as Jay Leno was driving a Porsche Carrera GT, that is similar to the one that killed Walker and Rodas, he reportedly lost control of the vehicle at 182 MPH. As a result, he spun out, spinning across the track five times before hitting the infield grass. For many, it’s a miracle how Leno managed to avoid hitting any walls. Several pro-drivers who witnessed the incident said it only shows how sensitive the Carrera GT is at high speeds.

Sometimes, it doesn’t pay well to have a luxurious car particularly in highly congested streets with too many road hazards to deal with like Los Angeles. Hopefully, the incident would serve as a warning to all of those who owned similar sports car and other exotic vehicle about the dangers that it has brought to the lives of everyone, advised by a car crash attorney.