Thursday, October 3, 2013

McDonald’s Denies Allegations in Slip-and-fall Lawsuit

“I am loving it!” said the fast food giant McDonald’s in one of its slogans, but definitely, this is not what a customer feels right now after a slip-and-fall accident that caused her injuries.

According to a recent news report regarding the development of the slip-and-fall lawsuit filed by a couple against C-Mac, the company that owns McDonald’s, the latter denied the accusations set against it by the complainants.

The couple is suing McDonald’s for slip-and-fall claim after the woman slipped and fell onto the water on the floor of McDonald’s Highland store. They claimed in their lawsuit that the restaurant caused moisture to remain on the floor despite knowing that it is where walk. Its management failed to inspect the floor to discover the source of water and failed to clean up the water, the couple added.

They are seeking for $50,000 for damages in the said lawsuit.

C-Mac on the other hand denies the accusations, and instead, filed an affirmative defense claiming that the couple is at fault for more than 50 percent of the proximate cause of the injury and damages. 

Moreover, C-Mac further claimed that if the complainants are found to be less than 50 percent of the approximate cause, recovery should still be reduced accordingly on its part.

Subsequently, a circuit judge hearing the case scheduled a case management conference for Oct. 30.

This is most common problem in a slip-and-fall claim especially against huge companies. Proving who is at fault in such case is never an easy task, said by a Los Angeles slip-and-fall lawyer.