Thursday, July 11, 2013

This Year’s Worst 4th of July Disaster Happened in California

Every year, headline news stories the day after the Fourth of July are always bombarded with accidents that occurred during the Independence Day celebration, particularly during the firework shows.

Last July 4, several fatal accidents have been reported across the country. In Oklahoma, an 8-year-old boy died after falling from a float that he was riding during the parade. He was ran over and killed. What makes it worst is that his father was the one driving the float, according to reports.

Moreover, another horrific accident in Maine was also reported following the parade. A man also died form a tractor that he was driving in a parade after being knocked off from the vehicle. Reports said that a fire truck hit the vehicle from behind that is why the man fell from the tractor and was ran over.

Unfortunately, those incidents are not yet the worst disaster during last week’s festivities. The worst of the Fourth of July accidents this year occurred in Simi Valley, California according to media sources.

So far, it is unclear how the incident occurred but one thing is for sure, at least 28 people were injured after a fireworks display that either collapsed or was tipped over. As a result of which, a barrage of fireworks hit across the ground and into the crowded people about a thousand feet away from the fireworks launch area.

It could be remembered that last year in San Diego, a massive explosion of fireworks also occurred. Apparently, the Golden State is having a problem troubles with fireworks or is it just that people are too busy preparing things for the festivities that is why they failed to monitor some important things like maintaining the proper precautionary measures.

According to the statistics gathered by the United States Fire Administration and the National Fire Protection Association, more than 8,600 Americans are injured by fireworks each year. 73 percent of which, occurred between June 18 and July 18.

Take into account that vehicle accidents that occurred within California during Independence day weekend-long celebration is not yet included in the said statistic, noted by a Los Angeles car accident attorney.

In a last week’s blog post, the lawyer herein also revealed that the Fourth of July is considered as the deadliest day on the road based on statistics as well. His blog post was in fact, supported by an info-graphic presenting the deadliest days of the year and the number of fatalities.