Thursday, July 25, 2013

Limousine Driver on Phone before Fatal Blast in California

Several weeks following the fiery limousine crash that killed at least five people in California, news update that recently emerged has revealed that the driver of the said luxury vehicle was on phone before the incident.

According to media sources, during an interview, the estranged wife of Orville Brown, the driver of the limousine that was caught on fire on May 7 along San Mateo Bridge, claimed that her ex-husband was arguing with her on the phone moments before the incident.

Rachel “Raquel” Hernandez-Brown claimed that while his former husband was driving and at the same time having an argument with her, he turned up the music so that the passengers could not hear their conversation.

The music is really loud and in fact, she can no longer understand what her estranged husband was saying, Hernandez-Brown said.

Apparently, Hernandez-Brown’s statement correlates with one of the surviving victim.. One of the victims claimed that when she banged on the partition of the limousine to warn the driver that the back of the limo was filing with smoke the driver could not understand, the driver affirmed that he initially misunderstood the warning as a request to smoke a cigarette and kept driving.

Hernandez-Brown further claimed that Brown continuously calling her back following the fiery accident.

Previous reports claimed that the women were out to celebrate their friend’s recent marriage. Unfortunately, a joyful ride turned sorrowful after the vehicle burst into flame and killed five of its nine passengers.

Hernandez-Brown continued by saying that she and Brown have been separated since April. In fact, just before the blaze, she called the police to report that Brown kicked and dented her car during an actual argument. However, just like most offenders, he left before the cops arrived.

So far, Brown remains mum following his ex-wife’s revelation. Meanwhile, the Prosecutors claimed that the investigation is already complete and that the case is already moving forward. Thus, a Los Angeles injury lawyer is keeping an eye with the issue.