Monday, April 1, 2013

SoCal Car Crash Leaves 1 Dead, 9-year-old Daughter Injured

Image gives credit to the original owner, KABC.
Surviving a fatal car accident can be considered a great miracle – something that might have happened to a 9-year-old girl. The kid survived a Southern California crash but her father didn’t.

According to recent news reports, the young girl who was identified as Celia Renteria, of North Hollywood, luckily survived a fatal car accident that claimed the life of his father, Alejandro Renteria, 35.

The young girl recounted how she crawled out of the wrecked SUV and walked a mile through a rough terrain in the middle of the night while she was at a Southern California hospital.

In a statement released by a spokesperson of the California Highway Patrol (CHP) to media sources, the brave girl told them that she and her father were traveling down Sierra Highway, a semi-rural highway in Southern California, at around 1 o’clock in the morning when her father lost control of the 2010 Ford Escapade that they were riding. Subsequently, it went tumbling 200 feet down a canyon and landed at the bottom of a ravine.

Following the crash, the girl narrated to the police that she made her way to a lighted house which is nearly a thousand feet away from the accident scene. She kept knocking on the door but no one came out. Thereafter, she went back to check on her father who remained unconscious.

After seeing her father, she decided to walk again but she took a different route. She scaled up the steep until she reached the highway again and headed for the nearest lit area, which was a Metrolink station about a mile away. Fortunately, as she was heading to the station, a Good Samaritan in a vehicle came and stopped along the road upon seeing her. The said Samaritan called the police for help.

The girl was transported to Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles where she was treated for the minor injuries she sustained from the incident while her father was pronounced dead shortly.

According to CHP officials, alcohol likely played a role in the crash since during the investigation, the little girl stated that they were on their way home from a party when the accident occurred. She also claimed that her father was having a difficulty maneuvering their vehicle on the curvy roads. However, the authorities are still investigating the incident for further determine what played a major role in the crash, the reports said.

Hearing this horrible story of accident and survival of a 9-year-old girl is indeed heartwarming. The young girl demonstrated a strong will and courage to save her father. It’s quite amazing that in her young age, she never lost hope and has that strong determination to seek for help, complimented by a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer.