Thursday, March 21, 2013

NFL Partners with GE to Support Head Injury Research

Just a few weeks after several former NFL players teamed up with the army officials in Fort Leavenworth in an effort to fight brain injury, now the league itself is partnering with General Electric (GE) for the same purpose.

According to recent news reports, NFL has recently teamed up with GE to develop new ways to help detect brain injuries in both football players and military members by launching a program called Head Health Initiatives.

The said initiative, which was said to be part of the league’s greater effort o fight heal and further understand the causes of brain injuries in football players, includes a $40 million worth of research and development program to asses the key imaging biomarkers according to reports.

During the two-year open innovation program, both the electronic giant and the league will invest up to $20 million in research and technology to better understand and diagnose mild traumatic brain injury.

In fact, beginning from the day that both parties have announced their partnership, they are already accepting proposals for technologies that can help identify and manage subclinical and mild traumatic brain injury. Thereafter, by fall, they will start inviting proposals for materials and technologies that can protect the brain from traumatic injury or concussion as well as for new tools to track head impacts in real time.

Fortunately, winning proposals will not only save lives as they can also win up to $10 million or one-third of the allotted fund for the research.

Incidentally, following the series of brain injury lawsuits and wrongful death cases brought by hundreds of former and current players and their families against the league, at least it has also started to exert effort to combat brain injury since then, observed by some of the top personal injury lawyers in California.