Thursday, February 14, 2013

3 People Killed in Helicopter Crash While Filming Reality TV Show in California

Polsa Rosa Ranch
At least three people were killed in a helicopter crash while filming a reality TV show for the Discovery Channel in a rural area of northern Los Angeles County, according to reports.

News reports claimed that the helicopter with three people on board crashed at around 3:40 in the morning in Los Angeles County’s most famous filming location, the Polsa Rosa Ranch.

According to a spokesperson from the Los Angeles County Fire Department, all people aboard died from the crash.

Following the initial investigation, the authorities identified the victims as David Gene Gibbs, 59, Darren Arthur Rydstrom, 46 and Michael William Donatelli, 45. All of them were part of the production team of an untitled military-themed reality TV show which is to be yet aired or announced by the Discovery Channel according to a representative.

Records revealed that the film crew had been approved to use a helicopter for the reality TV show shooting at the ranch where many action films have taken place. Also, records showed that Crossbow Helicopters, the aircraft used for the shooting, received approval to participate in filming from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

At present, the major cause of the accident is still yet to be known; however, authorities continue to further investigate the circumstances surrounding the accident.

Meanwhile, Polsa Rosa was most known for being a “movie ranch” where film crews can use different terrains, as well as its two airstrips. In fact, the location was used in the filming of “Windtalkers” and in the remake of “Red Dawn”. 

Moreover, it could be remembered that last September, a Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer here featured a news report about the ongoing investigation conducted by the OSHA regarding the death of a crew member while filming the Johnny Depp movie, “Lone Ranger”. Incidentally, the same incident took place at the same location, in Polsa Rosa.

Furthermore, previous records showed that just 25 miles away from Polsa Rosa, another entertainment industry death occurred way back in 1982. It was the death of Vic Morrow and two children while filming the “Twilight Zone”.

Apparently, during such dangerous filming, it is completely necessary to take extra safety precautions, especially when using aircrafts, vehicles, pyrotechnics and other risky stunts since tragic incidents often occurred during such incidents.