Thursday, January 31, 2013

CSI: NY Star Carmine Giovinazzo Apologetic after Swerving

Photo gives credit to John M. Heller 
/ Getty Images
Hit television series CSI: NY cast, Carmine Giovinazzo, who plays the role Detective Danny Messer was reportedly arrested last week after he was caught swerving in Scottsdale, Arizona.

According to the initial investigation records obtained by media sources, Giovinazzo was swerving all over the road at the early morning of January 21. 

Subsequently, the cops approached the actor’s vehicle. Cops told media sources that Giovinazzo becomes immediately apologetic and said told them that had been driving erratic because he was lost while using his vehicle’s GPS.

GPS is a device used by most drivers as a map since its capabilities include a turn-by-turn navigation directions to a human via text or speech. However, further definition of a device apparently does not cite any single word about the need for speed to be able to use the device.

In addition, further reports claimed that Giovinazzo’s two passengers during that time claimed that they were not from Arizona.

The cops also claimed that they smell strong alcohol scent in Giovinazzo’s breath. Also, he had bloodshot eyes and slurred speech.

Cops further said the when they asked Giovinazzo is he had been drinking, the actor admitted that he had scotch at the W Hotel.

Ironically, during his arrest, Giovinazzo had been repeatedly apologizing to the police and said that he didn’t want to be an ‘a__hole’. He even thanked the police for not treating him like a criminal and for respecting him.

Following his arrest, Giovinazzo’s blood-alcohol content level registered at .149, which is almost twice the legal limit in Arizona, which is .08 percent.

Swerving, and driving under the influence (DUI) beyond legal limit in most cases end up in an extremely devastating car accident. Fortunately for Giovinazzo, his dangerous driving immediately caught the attention of the on-duty police. Therefore, his chances of getting into a horrible accident was prevented, said by a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles.