Friday, January 18, 2013

California Unlicensed Drivers Have High Fatality Crash Rates

Illegal Immigrant
In a recent study conducted by the California Department of Vehicle (DMV), it revealed that unlicensed drivers in California are possibly to cause fatal car crash and hit-and-run incidents. Also, the report found out that majority of the unlicensed drivers is illegal immigrants.

Consequently, the report apparently suggested that securing a driver’s license in the state could improve road safety and will help to reduce thousand of fatalities that occur each year.

The recently released report is DMV’s first significant analysis of unlicensed drivers in one and a half decade. In addition, it sparks the long-time debate over whether undocumented immigrants should be eligible for licenses.

While immigrant rights group agreed that granting drivers licenses would reduce road fatalities as well as costly uninsured motorist claims, critics argue that granting them such license would merely increases illegal activity in the state.

If asked, many of unlicensed drivers say that they would get licenses if they could since they have no choice but to drive to work and drop and pick up their kids in school everyday. Undocumented drivers claimed that for them to be able to follow the law and be comfortable in driving, they need a driver’s license.

Last year, California Governor, Jerry Brown signed a bill allowing illegal immigrants to secure a driver license under a certain circumstance – they should also qualify for the new federal work permit program to get a driver’s license.

Therefore, the Los Angeles City Councilman, Ed Reyes speculated that it is time to offer that opportunity to all illegal immigrants in California. In addition, Assemblyman Luis Alejo recently introduced a bill that would grant driver’s licenses to anyone who can present pay taxes, regardless of their immigration status.

Supporters of the said bill stresses out that the same could reduce the number of hit-and-run incidents in the state. According to a 2011 report from the American Automobile Association (AAA) Foundation for Traffic Safety, unlicensed drivers leave accident scenes at significantly higher rates than licensed drivers.

So far, the proposed bill is currently pending for approval. Meanwhile, Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyer hopes that the state officials will eventually address the issue and show the entire community that they are sincere in putting public safety at above any other concerns.