Thursday, June 28, 2012

Police Shoot Pit Bull after Dog Bite Incident

In New York, police shot a pit bull that attacked and mauled a man who was having a conversation with a pal.

According to city officials, 29-year-old Jason McCrae was talking with someone when a pit bull attacked him. The said canine attack incident happened at a Union Avenue sidewalk.

Witnesses said that the dog attack was unprovoked. However, the brother of the dog owner told a different story. He claimed that the dog owner’s son was walking the dog when the latter playfully jumped off on the owner’s son. McCrae thought that the pit bull was mauling the boy. McCrae hit the dog with a stick that made the dog retaliate and subsequently attacked him.

During the attack, witnesses said that the dog did not respond to any command so the police was forced to shoot it thrice.

McCrae was transported to Jacobi Hospital in the Bronx for treatment of the hand and arm injuries that he sustained.

Meanwhile, the owner of the dog identified as Mike was issued different violations related to local animal control, according to police. They further claim that they have been previously trying to contact the dog owner but all their efforts proved futile.

Surprisingly, statistics show that each year, some 4.7 million dog bite incidents occur in the U.S. Aside from that alarming figure, two-thirds of said dog bite incidents happen within the victim’s property. Moreover, figures also show that around 58% of human deaths involve unrestrained dogs.

In this regard, a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer encourages dog owners to be fully aware about responsible breeding and dog ownership to reduce the number of dog bite incidents.