Thursday, May 31, 2012

Multi-talented Yale Grad Dies in Pre-Memorial Day Weekend Car Crash

A multi-talented fresh graduate from Yale University was involved in a fatal single car accident last Saturday, a couple of days before the U.S. Memorial Day.

The victim was identified as Marina Keegan, 22, a prolific writer, actress and activist. Keegan in fact has just landed a job at the New Yorker as an editorial assistant.

According to reports, the single vehicle rollover occurred at around 2 o’clock in the afternoon, while she and her boyfriend Michael Gocksch were traveling along Cape Code. Investigations revealed that Keegan’s boyfriend lost control of his Lexus and hit the right-side guarding rail that caused the car to turn upside down.

Keegan was pronounced dead at the scene, while her boyfriend was transported to the nearest hospital and was said to be in a stable condition now.

Police said that both passengers were wearing seatbelts during the accident and that speed did not even appear to be a factor in the rollover incident.

Keegan’s mother said that “The Musical” is among her daughter’s legacies. In fact, Keegan was about to conduct a workshop for her co-musical “Independents,” which was scheduled to participate in the New York International Fringe Festival in August.

At present, the major factor that had caused the accident was not yet determined, but official police investigation is still underway.

Generally, car accidents happen due to several reasons, such as:

•    Driving beyond speed limits
•    Driving under the influence of intoxicating substance
•    Mechanical malfunction
•    Driving while texting or using handheld devices
•    Poor visibility caused by bad weather
•    Road defects
•    Defective car manufacturing

Apparently, driving beyond speed limit was not a factor in the said car accident that claimed the life of a multi-talented woman. Some people have expressed speculations that mechanical malfunction was more likely to be the factor that caused the accident.

It was stated under the law that anyone who had suffered personal injury and damages from a car accident can have the right to file a claim; in Keegan’s case, her family must first wait for the results of the investigation before they could consult a legal counsel to help them with their case.

Consulting a legal expert, like a Los Angeles automobile accident attorney, could help car crash victims or their respective families mount a claim from the liable party and demand monetary payment for their losses.