Friday, September 24, 2010

Car Seat Saves Baby from Injuries in Two-Vehicle Crash

One of the most important safety devices that should be installed in cars is a child seat. It will restrain children while the car is in motion and prevent them from being ejected from the vehicle in the event of an accident.

In fact, a baby was recently spared from injuries because of it. Reports said the baby was riding in a Toyota Corolla being driven by her mother, when the accident occurred in Orange County.

Authorities said the driver suddenly stepped on the brakes after the vehicle in front of her started to slow down at Main Street. She turned away to avoid a collision, but ended up entering into the westbound 22 freeway.

The Toyota then swerved across all lanes and slammed into a Honda Civic.

The baby may have been ejected from the vehicle were it not for the child seat. Maybe next time, the woman should be more careful when on the roads as an accident can happen anytime.

Fortunately, this accident did not end up badly for the baby, but some other children are not as lucky as he or she is. In fact, statistics show that over 2,000 children below 14-years-old are killed in vehicle accidents each year in the United States.

Many of them died because they were not properly secured in the child safety seat. Meanwhile, others were killed because their parents failed to use the right type of car seat.

Parents should remember that the type of car seat your child is required to use depends on his age and weight. For example, infants should use rear-facing seats while older ones should use forward-facing or booster seats.