Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Motorcyclist Hits Traffic Cone, Dies after Losing Control of Vehicle

Motorists should always be on the lookout for road objects or hazards that may cause or lead to accidents. Even warning signs and traffic cones placed in the middle of the road can cause an accident if motorists were unable to avoid hitting them.

In fact, a motorcyclist recently died when he lost control of his vehicle after hitting a road crew’s orange traffic cones in Fair Oaks.

According to reports, the man was identified as Todd Jacob Stahl, 45, from Orangevale.

He was moving northbound along Sunrise Boulevard near Sunset Avenue when he approached the orange cones and warning signs. The cones were placed in the roadway to inform all motorists that a Sacramento County crew is conducting sewage work along the right lane.

Stahl’s vehicle went out of control when he struck one of the cones, said reports.

He sustained fatal injuries after he was ejected from the motorcycle. The vehicle then crashed into a parked truck along the closure area.