Friday, May 28, 2010

Woman Rescued in Creek after Car Crash in Roseville

A woman was rescued yesterday morning in Roseville after she lost control of her car and ended up upside down in a creek.

Authorities are still investigating the car accident, which happened near the intersection of Junction and Washington Boulevard.

There is no report yet on the extent of her injuries.

However, she should consult with a car accident attorney as soon as she can to find out what her legal options are.

Although this is a single vehicle accident, there may be other factors that may have caused the crash.

Two possibilities include car defects such as sudden acceleration (which has put Toyota on the hot seat for months now) or dangerous road conditions such as potholes or slippery surfaces.

Although, it is possible that the real cause of this whole accident is probably speeding, reckless driving, or even DUI, it would not hurt to explore other causes.
In fact many car accidents are not always a result of a single factor; it could be a combination of different factors such as driver behavior, road conditions and vehicle condition.

So even if the woman did have some fault in the accident, she might still be able to make a claim against the city or the car manufacturer.