Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Three People Injured in Boyle Heights Fire Accident

Preventing fire accidents is easy to do, but fire safety and prevention is often ignored by homeowners. As a result, around 85% of these incidents reportedly happened in personal residences.

A recent fire accident that burned down an apartment in Boyle Heights caused three people to sustain injuries.

Reports stated that the incident occurred at a two-story four-complex along Cummings Street.

A firefighter and another individual sustained moderate burns. Meanwhile, a third individual sustained “respiratory injury,” and was reportedly rushed to a hospital under a serious condition.

It took at least 75 firefighters to put out the fire, which lasted for around 37 minutes.

Authorities are still trying to establish the cause of the fire.

The three injured individuals can still be considered lucky because they were able to survive the incident, unlike over 3,000 others who die each year because of it.

People can avoid being involved in residential fire accidents by taking care of their home. This goal may be accomplished by installing smoke detectors, keeping flammable items away from the fireplace, and having a fire extinguisher inside the house.