Friday, March 5, 2010

Officer Saylor’s Family Files Lawsuit against Toyota for Fiery Crash

Family members of a California Highway Patrol Officer who died with his family in a fiery vehicle crash that sparked Toyota recalls has filed a lawsuit Tuesday for the wrongful death of the four vehicle occupants.

CHP Officer John Saylor was with his daughter, wife, and brother-in-law when the fatal accident occurred in Santee. The family was said to have picked-up their daughter, Mahala, from a practice before the accident.

The family was using a loaned car as they had their vehicle checked-up. Reports show that the vehicle, a Lexus, was earlier loaned by the dealership to another person who complained about acceleration problems caused by defective floor mats.

Moments before the crash, Saylor’s brother-in-law, Christopher Lastrella, was able to place a 911 call asking for help as Saylor appeared to have no control over the vehicle’s acceleration.

After the accident, Toyota started to issue recalls on millions of its vehicle.

Product manufacturers should always prioritize the safety of their consumers over their profit. This will also help them avoid liability over accidents that could be caused by their product’s defects and malfunctions.